09 May 2008

Millionaire birthday boy parties with homeless

For his 29th birthday, Taj Chahal decided to do something a bit different: He hosted a surprise party for 300 total strangers - complete with birthday cake and party favors for everyone - at Martha's Kitchen, a San Jose charity that serves meals to the homeless and working poor.
…So on Tuesday, when the regulars arrived, they found the dining room decorated with red tablecloths, balloons and festive place mats. Dinner included ravioli and meat balls, salad, garlic bread and, of course,
birthday cake
…On the way out, everyone received a box lunch and a bright colored bag containing a towel, toothbrush and other useful things. The kids each got a toy and some treats…

Tanuki Garden Statue

You can own your own Totoro. Currently $13.00 on eBay. if this was a payday week, i would be there.

02 May 2008

Things i want

just a small wishlist, today.

Pill Glass Wall clock by Joseph Joseph

Jonathan Adler Ceiling Light

Window Desk from Offi.com

NC for Barack Obama with The Arcade Fire and Superchunk - Poster

Here is a great new poster from Burlesque, one for a couple of benefit shows in NC for Barack Obama with The Arcade Fire and Superchunk. No word on internet availability, since to purchase was a campaign donation, but if someone went yesterday and has an extra, i'd love to buy it off you...