17 April 2008

the Self Stirring Teacup, aka, the coolest thing i have ever seen EVER

from Neatorama:

A new teacup called Ceramic For Mix (which appears to be made of glass) eliminates the need for a stirring spoon. This is acheived by a ball installed in the bottom. Designer Florian Dussopt says,

“The ball is put into a slightly protruding base to keep it in place when stirring and drinking.
“Users gently move the cup, like you would when swirling a glass of cognac, and the action pushes the ball around.
“The ceramic ball mixes all various sugars and milk at the same time, thus eliminating the need for a spoon.
“When you drink, the ball is blocked by the gravity in the recess of the glass.”

The company, Ana Gram, has made prototypes and is looking for a manufacturer.
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